Sunday, September 30, 2007

Makarand Pandit and Rajeev Jain's Technical Writing Session for Bangalore Meetup

The Bangalore Technical Writers Meetup-Supported by STC India was held at Continuos Computing, on Saturday 29th September, 2007.

The name of the attendees' and their respective companies are listed below:

1.Rajeev Jain – Zilog
2.Makarand Pandit- Technowrites
3.Ganesh Shenoy- Huawei
4.Anindita Basu- Integra Micro Systems
5.Sairam Y- LSI
6.Blessy Thomas- Citec
7.Joy Myalil- TCS
8.L Chelladurai- ABB
9.Binamra Sharma- Student
10.Rishi Malik- ACS
11.Manoj Kumar-ACS
12.Vinay Kumar- Consultant
13.Sudha A- Technowrites
14.Swetha- Truimph India
15.Gautam Goswami-ACS
16.Sreeraj- Wipro
17.Sreejith G.S- Collabis India
18.AV Jayanthil- Rebaca
20.Sagar Kirloskar- Technowrites
21.Jyotsna- Zilog
22.Hemanth- TCS
23.Harihara Subramaniam- Novell
24.Swarna- PGSL
25.Naveen Cruz-Continuos Computing
26.Rajdeep Gupta- Infosys


The session on C++ began at 10:40 am. Rajdeep triggered the meeting by welcoming the attendees and the speakers-Rajeev Jain and Makarand Pandit. There were two sessions lined up for the day- "Programming Concepts for Writers on C++" by Rajeev Jain, Zilog and "Introduction to Structured Writing & Structured FrameMaker" by Makarand Pandit, Technowrites

Rajeev started the session by asking the attendees, what made them to attend the programming session.Rajeev started his presentation by stating "Concepts are important, not language." He then explained the basics of C++ that is, differences between a parameter and a variable, data types, input values; return values, error codes, and host of other things. He then differentiated between keywords and pre-defined identifiers. Rajeev mainly concentrated on the API/ SDK documentation.

He also provided an API template, which is the first step towards API Reference Guide documentation. He answered all the queries related to API documentation.

The training material is available at the following link:

A break of 15 minutes was taken after which the session on "Structured Writing & Structured FrameMaker" begun. Makarand Pandit or Mak, as he is fondly called entertained the audience right from the word, GO. He quizzed the audience by questioning on authoring and documents. The answers provided the audience were up to the level. He then explained in detail the terms and cleared all their doubts.

Mak then went ahead with his illustration on Adobe FrameMaker 8.0. He explained in detail what he had learnt in 12 hours to the audience in just about one and half hours. Mak explained what Element Definition Document (EDD) and Document Type Definition (DTD) are all about. He also showed how to edit an EDD, importing a DTD, and all the other tricks that will come handy to the naïve user of FrameMaker 8.0.

Then came the Q & A time in which Mak was asked questions on all the recent developments in Information Development field. One such question was on DITA.

He then explained in brief, what DITA is all about and how it has evolved over the years.

Rajdeep concluded the session by offering a vote of thanks to Mr. Rajeev Jain and Mr. Makarand Pandit for their wonderful presentations and to Continuous Computing for sponsoring the meetup.

You can view the photos of the meetup by clicking the following URL:

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